Many people ask me what my garden looks like and whey I designed it that way? My theme when I was first planning it actually is SIMPLICITY. I wanted to arrange the beds in clean rows. My other goal was to keep a small lawn where my pugs could play.

When you go out of my kitchen door, which is at the back of the house, you will see a pathway. In the center of this pathway is an olive tree surrounded with grass cut in circle. This is where my pugs usually play. Beyond the trees is my blue recliner chair. This is where I usually sit when I want to muse about things or after I took care of the garden. Behind the chair are varied flowering plants. My favorite is the sunflower.

On the side of the pathways are beds lined up in two straight rows (there are four beds in all). In these beds, I plant my flowers like cosmos, nasturtiums, sweet peas, and cosmos. I sprinkle these among my vegetables and herbs, which are actually my real pride. Among them are tomatoes, peppers, Zucchini squash, beets, carrots, basil, mint, sage, etc. The flowering plants help add beauty to my garden and deter pests.