A Simple Technique for Keeping Fans Dust-Free

Try as we might to keep our homes spotless, not one abode is without dust and dirt. You might be surprised to know that one of the most prevalent places that dust collects is your very own ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans are timeless pieces of fixtures that fit in almost any part of the house – whether it be the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, or a bedroom, a ceiling fan inarguably has the unique ability to really tie any room together while keeping it cool. Check out their stylish selection of ceiling fans in Singapore, you will see that some even have multiple ceiling fans spread all around their homes.

Although this can be fashionable, stylish, and beautifies any home or room, ceiling fans – by nature – are typically hard to reach. Most homeowners, especially those people who do not have their homes regularly cleaned or have house help that cleans for them, often neglect even a simple dusting of the standard ceiling fan every now and then.

This is alarming, as ceiling fans collect dust Just as easily as bookshelves and window sills. Typically, dust and dirt accumulate in places that are hard to reach and not regularly cleaned. The ceiling fan checks off all of these criteria.

Most ceiling fans are covered by a layer dust, whether it be thick or thin, it is certainly there – especially if the ceiling fan is not regularly cleaned.

Of course, this is something that we want to remedy. But before solving a problem, we must figure out what is causing it. First thing is first, where exactly does dust come from?

Dust is a collection of a lot of tiny little particles from a variety of different origins that accumulate to create that annoying and harmful sheet of tiny black specs that we regularly struggle to keep off of our furniture.

Dead skin, hair that has been shed, even pet fur and skin (referred to as pet dander) all contribute to the creation of dust. Some of these particles clump together to form what we like to call dust bunnies, while some of it remains microscopic and, therefore, invisible to the naked human eye.

Some homeowners think that simply letting the ceiling fan rotate and move is enough to get rid of the dust that has settled on it. This is entirely wrong, and can even have the completely opposite effect.

Fixtures that operate with the help of electricity, such as ceiling fans, carry an electric current. The friction created by the movement of the fan creates an electrical charge, which only serves to encourage dust particles to attract fellow dust particles. This same electrical charge can even go so far as to spread the dust on your ceiling fan onto other pieces of furniture that sit below it.

So, what exactly can we do to keep dust bunnies away and keep our homes as clean as possible? If you cannot regularly step on a stool and manually wipe away the dust on your fan, one way is to cover the fan with a pillowcase. This serves to catch dust that falls. This is an especially important and helpful technique for people who suffer from allergies, as dust is one of the most well-known allergens in existence.

The Weirdest Recliner Chairs You Can Ever See

While I was shopping for a recliner chair that I’d put in my garden, I accidentally came across the weirdest recliners. But they are not weird in a bad way. It’s like when you are reading all of the recliner reviews online and just can’t decide on the best one for you. In fact, if I could afford any of them, I’d buy them without hesitation. Are you interested to see them?

Book Recliner

Like to spend your time chilling with your beloved books? Then, you might like this recliner chair which is not only a chair, but it’s also a shelf. Talk about saving space! If you are worried about having to sit on some of the books, then don’t. You won’t harm any of them as they are safely tucked inside. [Source]


Doesn’t this look comfortable? This chair called Aeroply is designed by Karolina Ferenc, a Polish who wants to create a chair that would perfectly fit the curves of a woman. You can imagine how relaxing it will be to get home from work and relieving stress by relaxing the body through sitting here. [Source]


Is it a chair or is it a painting? You’ll never know until you sit on it. This recliner is part of YOY’s ingenious collection called Canvas. It’s made of stretched elastic canvas, aluminum, and wood. So, you can sit on it or hang it on your wall. Whatever fits your fancy! [Source]

Zero Gravity Recliner

You might have seen this one in the market. Made popular by Varier, this Balans-style recliner chair is actually four chairs in one. Depending on how you adjust it, you can sit upright, get a lounge chair, position yourself in a working stance, or get a recliner chair. [Source]