Bettie Leylant’s Garden is basically a garden of all sorts. She grows food ranging from herbs to vegetables makes food from what she grows in her garden and raise chickens!! Bettie Leylant’s Garden was just an idea when she came upon a lone house beside a seashore at Los Angeles.

Originally, she was just looking for a new place with a backyard for her pugs. She was a busy city girl fulfilling the demands of city life. And when she went home, her happiness was feeding her pugs and reading a book with a coffee beside her window. She lived in an attic of a cheap apartment made of concrete painted with more grays than it was colored. She could see the city lights during the night and then often wondered if her life will continue as it is. Her daily routine made her feel lifeless and dull for eight years and when she finally passed a resignation letter to her boss one day, she felt it was the best decision of her life.

She wanted a change of pace, a new direction, and so she found this place in Los Angeles. It was more than what she asked for! It is 10,000 square foot lot slanting on a hill with flourishing vegetal cots and an extra space to generate a mini farm. That was what gave her an idea to build the Bettie Leylant’s Garden on the 1st of July, 2010. She termed this as the beginning of her new life, a “reLife”. The place itself made her fall in love at first sight. The house was a mixture of the green and blue palate with wild plants emerging restlessly along it overseeing the ocean. The sounds from birds singing and waves lapping, the smell of ocean and earth after the rain, its beautiful sunsets over the water, the coolness of the morning, the quietness of the evening – it was heaven for a former city girl. And so, her life started here.