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Trading Your Vegetables Online with Craigslist

Do you have your own vegetable garden and would like to make money by selling your surplus? Worry no more! Nowadays, there are numerous online trading sites like Craigslist that make it possible for people to buy, sell, resell, or give away produce or items they no longer need. Although craigslist has been popularly known for its rather odd categories such as Craigslist Personals, it is now taking steps to make trading easier for people.

Craigslist, an online classified site, has a website for vegetables known as Veggie Trader. Veggie Trader is a place to buy, sell and trade local homegrown produce. It offers a means for you as a supplier to connect with potential consumers who enjoy local produce. Finally, consumers can purchase vegetables and fruits online if they are not able to get them somewhere else. Not only that, you will know which produce have been grown by other gardeners in your town so you can trade with them.

Since the website began, it has seen tremendous growth in the number of people who have signed up. When starting out, most people who signed up were from West Coast, California and Oregon. The whole idea of this site was to help individuals part with additional produce and exchange it with someone who has surplus of what they may be unable to grow in their garden. Although its focus is on fruits and vegetables, Veggie Trader is looking to expand to other items like meat, eggs and dairy. However, this is uncertain due to various government regulations that are heavy on such items.

In order to trade your supplies on Veggie Trader, you first need to register on the website. Once you register, you can then offer to purchase, sell, or trade any surplus that you have, be it fruits or vegetables. You can run a search on the website to see who has a surplus of what you need and is willing to trade with you. For instance, if you have a garden full of lemons and you are in need of tomatoes, you can use the site to see if anyone nearby might want to swap with you.

Besides, this site can be a great way to socialize and form networks with those in your neighborhood. For instance, you can sell your excess produce to neighbors who specialize in other produce and just like that, form a network where you get to share your varieties. Therefore, you will not only be earning money and get what you need, but you will also expand your connections.

Well, if you have a local garden, there is essentially no better. You can always learn more practical way to dispose of your excess without requiring much effort. All you need is to register and acquire an account that will help you trade off and find local food near you. Similarly, you can purchase from other gardeners and even sell to willing buyers in order to make some extra cash. This way, you will get what you need and help make a difference in the local food movement.

Sleeping can be a tad more difficult for some people. Whether you’re always waking up in the middle of the night for no reason or usually stuck with insomnia, there are many ways to help you get a good night’s sleep. One of the best things you can do is to spruce up your bedroom.

Decorating your bedroom doesn’t just mean making it look pretty; some can directly help you fall asleep easily. For instance, getting bamboo mattress reviews that are breathable and moisture-wicking are perfect for regulating your body temperature during sleep and supporting your back. To add to that, you can even bring nature to your bedroom by getting household plants.

Having indoor plants in your bedroom can bring tranquility to your bedroom. They can help you get a healthier sleep pattern and even lower your stress levels. If you’re having a difficulty getting a sound sleep at night, check out our list of some indoor plants you can get for your bedroom to sleep and rest better.

Peace Lily

The peace lily plant is a highly popular houseplant. It has beautiful white spathes, and it can endure and thrive in both low and high sunlight.

The peace lily plant will increase your bedroom’s humidity by five percent. This makes breathing while asleep easier. Moreover, it can help relieve a scratchy throat and runny nose that can be caused by allergies.

This beautiful houseplant only needs a few amounts of water once a week. If you like to increase the peace lily’s production of the white spathes, you can situate the plant near a window.

Snake Plant

Also known as the “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”, the snake plant can naturally improve your bedroom’s overall air quality. You will surely have a better sleep with this plant in your bedroom.

The snake plant acts as a natural air purifier. It removes harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air. In addition, it emits oxygen at night, giving you a better indoor air quality as you sleep.

The snake plant is a low-maintenance plant, as it originated from the rough conditions of West Africa. You don’t have to worry about dropped leaves or pruning. As long as you water the snake plant every two weeks, it will easily thrive in your bedroom.


The scent of the lavender is known to promote sleep and decrease anxiety. This is why lavender essential oils and other scented products are extremely popular for massages and aromatherapy. But if a lavender plant is available, you should get it for your bedroom.

A lavender plant will definitely look nice in your bedroom, and it will also fill the air with a nice, calm scent. The lavender plant is easy to maintain as long as you don’t overwater it as the roots can rot from the overabundance of water.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been used by many people to treat sunburn, dry skin, itching, and many other conditions. It can even be consumed as a drink, which can help digestion and improve the immune system.

In addition, aloe vera can help boost sleep quality. It produces oxygen at nighttime, making the indoor air quality better when you’re deep asleep.

Aloe vera is easy to take care of as it doesn’t require much water. However, you should keep the plant in a spot where it gets a lot of sunlight.


Indoor plants are a beautiful, natural solution to make your bedroom more peaceful and tranquil. They also provide an atmosphere of clean air that helps you get better sleep. Even just looking at them can help you relax and ease your mind. Indoor plants can truly give your bedroom the beauty and benefits of nature.

Garden Picnic Foods

The Best Garden Picnic Foods to Order Online

If you’re having a garden picnic and you don’t know what to cook, you don’t have to worry. With a quick tap or click, you can get any of your favorite picnic foods from the many selections of home meal delivery service you can find online. From salads to sandwiches, these foods that you can get from a home meal delivery services like Sun Basket Review & 50% off Coupon Code which is awesome. Below is a list of top garden picnic foods you can order online.

Grilled Meat

Grilling is always a part of a fun outdoor feast. Anything from grilled burgers to ribs, there is always something in any grilled dish that makes it more enjoyable in garden picnics. If you don’t have a way of storing raw meat to the picnic, or the location does not have a place for grilling, you can always order it online.

Fried Chicken

A garden picnic doesn’t feel like one when there’s no fried chicken on the table. Fried chicken is a highly beloved picnic table centerpiece throughout America. Unlike other fried treats, many people love to eat fried chicken at room temperature. This is because the top part of the skin begins to separate from the crust, preventing sogginess that most fried foods experience when cooled down. Moreover, as it cools down, steam escapes from the meat, losing moisture. This results in a meat that has a greater density.

Pasta Salads

Salads are a great side dish to your fried chicken or any food for that matter, and pasta salads are no exception. Pasta salads can brighten up your garden picnic with their combination of herbs and spices. If you’re looking for a classy, gourmet-style dish for the next picnic, a pasta salad is a way to go.


Recreational activities and games are part of many picnics, so there is a place for foods that are easy to eat and don’t make a lot of mess. Sandwiches are perfect for that. You can browse lots of sandwich varieties on many home meal delivery sites and apps so that you can bring unique and creative sandwiches to the picnic table.

Fruit Salad

Just like any other meal, a garden picnic should have desserts. A popular outdoor dining dessert is the fruit salad. When mixed with the right fruits and ingredients, it makes for an excellent dessert and side dish. You can order any style of fruit salad you want online, from simple concoctions to sweet creations of exotic ingredients.


When you’re in the outdoor, a fresh slice of watermelon can make your picnic more refreshing. This sweet and juicy melon can be bulky to bring into a picnic, but its taste makes up for it. However, if you don’t want to bring one whole watermelon with you, you can cut them up into crescents beforehand. You can even get creative and make smoothies, salads, and other dishes out of it.

With home meal delivery services readily available, you can bring these picnic favorites on your next garden picnic. Whether you don’t have the time do cook beforehand, or you just want to bring something unique, you can always get these all-time favorite picnic foods online.

Growing Vegetables for Healthy Home Cooking

Are you thinking of growing your own vegetables for healthy home cooking? Well, this is a decision that comes with numerous benefits and does not require much effort. You just need to decide on the right layout for your garden, choose which vegetables to plant and you will have your vegetable garden in place. SunBasket use the home vegetables and you can check 50% sun basket promo code anytime.

Layout for Vegetable Gardens

Each layout plan comes with its own advantages and disadvantages and will depend on the type of vegetable you intend to grow. Here are some layouts for your vegetable garden:

  • Rows Layout

One of the common and most basic layouts, the rows layout, ensures adequate sunlight and air circulation for your plants. This is because the vegetables are planted in long straight rows going from north to south.

  • Four Square Layout

This layout consists of four squares in equal sizes within a bigger square in your garden plot. This forms a vegetable bed where you can plant crops with the same nutrient.

  • Square Foot Layout

This layout is similar to the four square layout, only that the squares here are one foot by one foot. The squares are, again, divided into smaller squares each containing the same type of veggies.

  • Block Layout

From the name itself, this layout forms a block pattern. It is similar to the square foot layout, but here, you decide on the measurements. It is a densely populated garden that requires fertilizer and should be well drained. Harvesting and watering is much easier, and it suppresses weeds.

  • Vertical Layout

This layout is a good option if you have limited space. It involves using containers or hanging baskets containing their own vegetable plants.

  • Raised Containers or Beds

This also does well if your garden space is limited. You can plant individual vegetable plants in a raised container. Your gardening chores will be made easier by using clay or sandy soil for your garden.

Easy to Grow Vegetables

If you are just starting out to grow your own vegetable garden, it is advisable to start with the easiest vegetables to grow. They include:

  • Salad leaves
  • Cucumbers
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Radishes and spring onions
  • Peas
  • Potatoes
  • Runner and broad beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Basil
  • Lettuce mix and more

Benefits of Growing Your Vegetables for Home Cooking

Saves Money

Growing your vegetables is cost effective since you will save money on groceries. With just a little money for buying seeds, your pantry will be well stocked with fresh produce.

Improves Your Family’s Health

Vegetable and fruit gardening will ensure that your family consumes fresh produce, and this will keep them healthy.

Provides Better-Tasting Food

What is better tasting than food that has just been gotten fresh from your garden? You probably will never know how long food has stayed on the grocery shelf or which measure was used to produce it. Planting your own vegetables will help you stop worrying about food safety and enjoy a scrumptious meal.

Gives You a Sense of Pride

We can all agree that growing your own food comes with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Reduces Food Wastage

It is easier to waste food that you have brought than one that you have planted yourself. Hence, this is an effective way to reduce food wastage.

Everyone can grow vegetables for healthy home cooking, even if they have limited space at home. Homegrown vegetables will add flavor to your meals and give you an abundance of nutrients to keep you healthy always. You can choose easy-to-grow vegetables from the varieties available.