Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Are you aware that CBD oil generated from cannabis is beneficial to your health? Among other benefits, it relieves pain and reduces anxiety. Despite the gains, accessing marijuana remains a problem. So, is growing cannabis outdoors possible? Growing it might be a nuisance, especially for beginners.

Without the know-how, one would assume that the CBD Oil Cultivation is expensive and time-consuming, but it is not. It is, in reality, as simple as tendering to your vegetable garden. Here are fantastic tips that you should consider while growing cannabis outdoors.

Choosing the Best Location

You obviously want to grow your cannabis plant in privacy. Growing it in pots situated at the balcony or backyard could be awesome. Placing your plant outdoors is essential as it will ensure that the plants get ample sunlight. In case you feel suspicious of authority, you can transfer the plants to an enclosed area. Well, this could be somehow tiresome, but it assures you of security.

Growing cannabis together with other plants is another plan to consider. It will act as a great disguise as it will be almost impossible for outsiders to notice. The plant is accommodating and will thrive well together with other plants.

Considering the Climate

The location chosen should offer a favorable environment to the cannabis plants. The plant requires about 5 hours of direct sunlight for it to grow healthy. Temperatures should also not fall below zero degrees Celsius. The plant does not tolerate low temperatures and can die in a cold climate especially when young. Heavy rains and winds damage the plant extensively. If your balcony faces the source of wind, consider using a windbreak to protect the plants.

Tendering the Plant

Cannabis plants will not require much care. However, they thrive well in black soil. If you notice deficiencies in soil, you can mix perlites to add more oxygen to the ground. Fertilizer can also be applied at about three weeks to ensure nutritional balance. You can put adequate amounts, but too much of it is discouraged. When nutrient levels are low, you can notice the pale green color in the leaves just like in other plants. It signals the need for more fertilizer. You should also water the plants regularly but avoid too much moisture since it could lead to mold. The best way to ensure that the soil has water is by checking with fingers. If it is dry, adding water will be essential. You might also consider removing the male plants during the flowering stage. They have less tasty buds compared to the female ones. You can distinguish the males through the little visible balls.

Harvesting Time

If tendered well, the plants will be ready in 3-5 months since planting. A harvest-ready plant has big buds and some stigmas have a brown color. The plant cannot grow beyond this stage and should be harvested. After harvesting cannabis, it will then undergo curing and drying.

Growing cannabis is a magical experience that generates huge yields and income if done for business. By following the outlined tips, you have the startup knowledge needed in developing an outdoor cannabis garden.

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