How I Made Space for My New Plants

Last week, I decided that it’s time that I add more plants in my garden. Why? It’s partly because I felt the need to accept a new challenge and take care of new plants. However, this decision is highly influenced by a friend who served this delicious dish with artichokes. I loved artichokes in the dish so much I wanted to grow them, too, so I could explore on more ways to serve them on the table.

But I have a big problem with this plan. I’ve used all of my garden’s space. I don’t want to make the pathway or eliminate some beds. I also don’t want to modify my centerpiece, the olive tree. It’s my pug’s favorite spot. Honestly, I love my garden the way it is—how the plants are positioned. So I came up with a great solution—hanging pots. Just behind my recliner chair is the wall. If I could move the chair a bit to the front, then I could hang some pots on the wall.

I started carrying out my plan when I met another problem. Hanging pots are not secure and would damage my artichokes. So what I did instead is that I attached small platforms on the wall. Then, I placed the pots on these platforms. Now, they’re perfectly safe and secure. I also made sure that I put the pots on my level, so when I water the plants, I could easily reach them.

Aside from artichokes, I also decided to plant bush beans and thyme on the other pots since I have extras anyway. I could add some more, but I no longer want to crowd the wall.

Though it may seem like my garden is a bit more crowded now, I don’t feel like it. The pots take too little space. I think I’ve made a good decision.